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Language Learning with SMART Goals

Language learning with SMART goals enhances the student's success rate. Millions of people around the world, young and old, start a new language learning...

Motivating students with Dyslexia

Teaching languages to students with dyslexia presents unique challenges that require educators to be knowledgeable about effective language teaching...

Dyslexia is much more than a reading problem

Dyslexia is often misunderstood as a mere reading problem, but in reality, it is a multifaceted challenge that extends far beyond the realm of reading. This...

Screening for Dyslexia (about dyslexia and red cars)

If I asked you how many red cars you have seen on your way to work, school, university, or the gym today, would you be able to respond with the exact number?...

10 Ways to Raise Dyslexia Awareness

Over the past years, I have given many talks about dyslexia and language learning, both online and in person. After every talk, English teachers approach me...