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About me


Helping language teachers improve the learning of dyslexic students


Hello teacher!

My name is Boelo van der Pool. My first name is actually pronounced «Bulo», although I’m used to hearing many different pronunciations and like them all.

I was born in the Netherlands, but after graduating from the International Business University, I decided to move abroad. I’ve spent time in Asia and the UK (where I managed a small language school) before settling in the South of Spain in 1994.

Being (moderate) dyslexic myself but proficient in 3 languages and getting by in 2 others, I have been involved in the language teaching industry since 1996. I have always focused on enhancing the learning experience of the language student, regardles of level or age.

In 2017 I graduated as Master in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence and I’m co-founder of the International Language Coaching Association. Since 2018 I have participated in various international projects (Erasmus+) on dyslexia and education, what led me to develop adapted courses and material to students with dyslexia. I have organised English courses to students with dyslexia from all regions of Spain and several countries in Latin America.


In the Spotlight

My story with dyslexia

Since 2018, I have actively researched dyslexia and language learning. Over the years, I developed a methodology that has significantly improved learning outcomes for over 150 dyslexic teen and adult students in Spain and Latin America.

I’ve been invited to share my experiences with dyslexia and language learning at teacher conferences, schools, podcasts, and webinars worldwide.

After meeting numerous passionate teachers eager to improve their teaching and adapt their lessons for students with dyslexia, I decided to initiate this project. Here, I assist educators globally in tailoring their materials and approaches to meet the needs of all students, including those with dyslexia.

Collaborating with a team of language teachers, teacher trainers, and neurodiversity experts from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, we ensure we provide the best perspective to our participants.

Curious to learn more about what we do and how we can help you become the teacher who makes a difference?


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What I can help you with

Understand dyslexia and recognize it in your students.

Understand what dyslexia is, how it feels to be dyslexic, how their brain works and how to be able to recognize dyslexia in your students.

Adapt your teaching and class material to make them dyslexia-friendly.

Strategies and tools for crafting and modifying materials and assessments tailored to the unique needs of individuals with dyslexia.

Create better rapport and relationships with all your students.

Motivate and inspire your students with dyslexia. Take them to the next level in learning English and be the teacher that makes a change.


What People are Saying

“Lots of Passion”

«He is a great communicator with lots of passion for what he is doing. He really understands the issue and has worked long hours to compile and prepare an insightful material with useful tips on the matter.

Daria Michalska

“Very engaging course”

«He made us be involved in the course, explained everything so clearly and easy to understand. The course was well-organized and with eye-catching material.«

Rocío Díaz

“He knows the data”

«A person who is not just a really complete trainer but has lived with it all his lifetime and perfectly knows every single data he is explaining«

Antonio Ángel Lozano

«Clear explanation»

«I think he makes the lessons interesting, makes you feel at ease throughout the course, gives you clear information and explanations and makes attendants participate in the topic interactively.«

Jose Antonio Coronel