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Boelo van der pool

Learn how to teach Languages to students with Dyslexia

Be that exceptional teacher who really makes a difference to the 10-15% of students with a dyslexic brain. Make your classes engaging and effective, and watch as their English skills go way beyond what you both thought possible.

10-15% of your students have dyslexia.

Did you know that…?

Teaching Style

Learn how to adapt your teaching style to the needs of your students with dyslexia

All Students Benefit

Whatever works for your dyslexic students ALSO works for the others

Improve Learning

Learn how to find games and activities that spark your dyslexic students learning


 Learn about the 6 keys that have already helped many teachers and their dyslexic students worldwide become more proficient in English while enjoying the process. See for yourself that dyslexia should never be the reason any student is left without learning English.



Discover new ways to approach dyslexia in my courses. Make learning easier and more enjoyable. Sign up now and start your journey towards better understanding and support!

Online course

Dyslexia Awareness Course

Gain the skills needed to effectively support dyslexic students in your classroom

Lesson Boelo

Powerful Teacher Course

1-week course that combines dyslexia awareness training with inclusive language teaching and coaching.


Inclusive School Program

Become a truly inclusive school to be able to attract the 10-15% of the population with a dyslexic brain.

Hello Teacher

About Me

I’m Boelo van der Pool, often called «Bulo.» Born in the Netherlands and a traveler at heart, I’ve lived in Asia, the UK, and now Spain since 1994. With a background in International Business and a personal journey with dyslexia, I’ve been in language education since 1996, focusing on making learning accessible for everyone.

A Master in Coaching and Emotional Intelligence, I co-founded the International Language Coaching Association and work on projects to support dyslexic learners globally.


Check out my blog for insights on dyslexia, language learning, and emotional intelligence. Discover stories and strategies to inspire and empower your students.